The European Union create the  newsletter for the Implementation of the Veterinary Medicines Regulation (VMP-Reg) Programme.

The Regulation will become applicable in January 2022 after a 3-year implementation period. In 2019, EMA focussed on preparing a number of recommendations in collaboration with Member States’ experts and pre-inception activities to ensure that the VMP-Reg programme can start delivery of the changes in 2020. By now, the full governance structure for the programme has been endorsed and is operational, and two projects are actively delivering IT functionality required in the Regulation.

The delivery of this programme of changes constitutes a unique challenge for EMA, the network and our stakeholders and partners. I recognise the importance of not only delivering the legal requirements, but also ensuring that the solutions are efficient.

The short timelines for doing this demand a focus on what is essential and what can be introduced as improved functionality later. I will continue to pursue this approach in collaboration with the network and stakeholders to enable a timely and successful start of the new regulatory framework.
This newsletter introduces the various areas of activity. Future releases will provide updates on the progress of the different projects, and give a deeper insight into highlight topics.