The WHO Classification of digital interventions, services and applications in health (CDISAH) categorizes the different ways in which digital health interventions used in digital applications and services are used to address individual and health sector needs and advance health goals.  

This Classification framework is targeted at stakeholders in the health and technology sectors, including government and public health agencies, technologists, health providers, donors, implementers, and researchers. It provides an accessible and bridging language to facilitate articulation of: problems and needs to which digital interventions are targeted; common digital capabilities utilized across point-of-service applications and digital services within health sector implementations.

The updated Classification: 

  • Includes new digital health interventions that were not captured in the first edition including those that have arisen due to the global pandemic and technology advances. 
  • Better highlights synonyms to support the appropriate classification of digital health interventions. 
  • Provides an updated structure to the previous “Systems categories” section. This section has been renamed to “Services and Application types” and the groupings are supported with descriptions. 
  • Recognizes the health system challenges around equity. 
  • Provides example use-cases to aid clarity and support the appropriate use of the classification.