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Harvard Business Publishing:



Innovative uses of data in health care are helping solve the most challenging problems in patient health and operational efficiency. Today, many health care organizations understand that a data-driven approach can improve patient health outcomes, enable faster clinical decisions, and improve treatment and hospital workflows.

These benefits of data-driven health care are widely understood and prioritized today. In January 2023, Harvard Business Review Analytic Services conducted a global survey of 757 members of the Harvard Business Review audience who work in the health care industry or in a health care–related industry and are familiar with their organization’s use of health data and digital technologies for research, diagnosis, and/or treatment decisions. The survey finds that 94% of respondents agree that data-driven health care creates new opportunities for patients and doctors to benefit from more personalized health care approaches. Seventy-four percent of respondents say their organization has spent more effort on its approach to data integration/interoperability in the past three years, and 72% say their organization has spent more effort on its approach to data strategy.