The present study surveys the ongoing standardisation activities on AI carried out by ESOs (European Standards Organizations) and international Standards Development Organizations (SDOs). In the present study we investigate the alignment between AI related standards published or in development and the requirements proposed in the proposal for Artificial Intelligence Act.. The aim is to identify possible gaps and underdeveloped areas in the current standardisation activities. The main goal is to provide a contribution to the definition of a European standardisation roadmap for implementing the Artificial Intelligence Act (AIA) (European Commission, 2021).


The document is organized as follows: Section 1 provides an overview of the different dimensions of standards and introduces the adopted landscaping methodology. Then, Sections 2 and 3 discuss the applied methodology to identify the standards relevant to the AIA and the considered standard population, respectively. Then, Section 4 delves into the proposed regulatory framework for AI (i.e. the AIA), introducing its scope and requirements. Section 5 provides a high-level analysis to map the identified standard populations onto the AIA requirements. Section 6 provides an in-depth analysis of the mapping, introducing an innovative methodology. Applying the proposed methodology, Section 7 discusses an executive version of the AIA requirements, according to a semi structured model. Section 8 discusses the obtained results of the in-depth analysis and provides initial reflections on the possible gaps. Finally, Section 9 summarizes findings, outline possible recommendations, and introduce potential future work.