The 4th Edition of the ISO 15223-1 has just been published

The international standard for the application of medical device symbols on labels has been extensively revised and introduces many new changes to symbol requirements for medical device manufacturers

The new 4th edition cancels and replaces the 3rd edition (ISO 15223-1:2016), which has been technically revised with the following principal revisions:
✔ Addition of 20 new symbols validated per ISO 15223-2
✔ Addition of 5 symbols from ISO 7000, ISO 7001 and IEC 60417
✔ Deletion of the defined term ‘labelling’
✔ Inclusion of defined terms from ISO20417, ISO13485 and ISO14971.
✔ Expansion of the informative annex containing examples
✔ Moving of information about European Regulations to informative notes