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EMA has published the third issue of the Veterinary Medicines Regulation highlights newsletter.

In 2020, the programme governance and project teams achieved considerable progress, despite the shift to virtual work due to the pandemic and the challenges this creates.

The active projects – Union Product Database and Pharmacovigilance Database – have advanced their delivery activities according to plan.
The VMP-Reg programme has also expanded with two additional projects, the Collection of Antimicrobial Sales and Use data and the Manufacturers and Wholesale Distributors database. More detailed information regarding all projects is provided on the next pages.

Thanks to the strong commitment of Member States representatives, stakeholders, and project teams the programme is on track towards the delivery of the legislative requirements. A clear overview of the change management activities and dependencies is being produced to show which actions are required for national competent authorities and stakeholders, and all the activities ongoing to support a coordinated implementation and a smooth adoption of the new systems under

With only one more year to go until when Regulation (EU) 2019/6 will become applicable, even more than before, we will continue to promote active engagement of all stakeholders to ensure a successful delivery.