published by EMA News 24/09/2020.

EMA has published its draft  Guideline on registry-based studies for a three-month public consultation today. The new draft guidance aims to optimise the use of registry-based studies as a source of real-world evidence.

Patient registries are databases containing quantitative and qualitative data about patients who are affected by a particular condition. 

The guideline addresses methodological, legal and operational aspects in the use of registry-based studies to support regulatory decision-making.

Stakeholders are invited to send their comments via an Microsoft Office document icononline form by 31 December 2020.

Studies based on patient registries generate real-world evidence that can complement the knowledge gained through pre-clinical studies and clinical trials during the development of a medicine. Studies derived from patient registries can also provide information that is critical to understanding the benefits and risks of medicines in everyday use by patients and healthcare professionals.

The guideline focuses on studies based on disease registries or condition registries (i.e. registries characterised by the presence or occurrence of a particular disease, disease-related patient characteristic or a specific condition) to examine the use, safety and effectiveness of medicines prescribed to or consumed by patients included in the registry. It also outlines key regulatory considerations related to the establishment and management of patient registries, which are important for their use in registry-based studies.

As part of the consultation process, EMA is hosting a virtual workshop on 19 October 2020 to present the draft guideline to key stakeholders. The workshop provides an opportunity to discuss questions, perspectives on the usefulness of the document and recent experience on methodological aspects of registry-based studies. The meeting can be followed via live broadcast on the event page.

The draft guideline was developed by the EMA Cross-Committee Task Force on Registries in consultation with the European Medicines Regulatory Network. The document incorporates feedback received on a discussion paper on methodological and operational considerations in the use of patient disease registries for regulatory purposes and insights gained during five multi-stakeholder workshops on disease-specific registries.

Following the public consultation, comments from stakeholders will be analysed and considered in the final document that will be published in 2021.